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Misheard Lyrics: What if everything you heard was wrong? is a book about friendship, religion, messiahs, and the nature of the universe.

Everything you heard about life, the Universe, and everything else is wrong. Yes, wrong.

Misheard Lyrics examines the ways we misunderstand the world.

Charles, an agnostic newspaper columnist and struggling novelist, and Chip, a jovial minister who swears like a sailor and runs a Haitian United Methodist church in Miami, discuss Charles’ various attempts at writing a book about messiahs. The pair’s wide-ranging topics include the origin of religion, faith vs. science, dogma, evil, magic, existentialism, the end of the world, the meaning of swearing, masturbation, astrophysics’ discoveries about the Universe, post-traumatic stress disorder, gay marriage, and whether we’re all really just living in a computer simulation.

The book alternates Charles’ attempts at starting his book with the pair’s discussions about the book and religion in general as well as biographical flashbacks from Charles’ life that feature other characters. Edie was Charles’ girl friend back in 1975. PTSD from her tour in Vietnam as a battlefield photographer complicated their relationship.

Karen was Charles’ wife until her lesbian romance with Munch caused their divorce and Charles’ subsequent hatred of gays. Steve was Charles’ piano virtuoso friend reduced to bankruptcy and working odd jobs. Poet Allen Ginsberg also appears as Charles’ mentor.

Along the way, Charles’ blog posts and columns for the Miami World newspaper give insight into his agnosticism and other extreme beliefs.

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Here’s a list of the chapters.

1.   Fleas naughty dog/There’s fleas on your dad

2.   O Come All Ye Fawfoo

3. Baby you’re a rich fat, baby you’re a rich fat, baby you’re a rich fat Jew!

4.   Screw that lady

5. And I went to see the doctor of philosophy / With a poster of Rasputin and a beer down to his knee

6. There’s a road and at this end love / Where the eagles fly when you’re done

7 I believe in the rapture, below the waist

8. She’s got everything she needs, she’s an artist, she don’t look bad

9. You’ve got to change your underwear, baby, before I start loving you.

10. The piano sounds like a cannonball / And the microphone smells like a beard

11. She’s so sharp, sharper than cheese

12. I am so into you, I can’t get to know the nurse

13. The truth is lost and maybe never to be found / Like the shadows of my panty line

14. Blow up the world with strange magic – Trial

15. Blow up the world with strange magic – Apprentice

16. Blow up the world with strange magic – Acquisition

17. Blow up the world with strange magic – Mastery

18. Blow up the world with strange magic – Healing

19. Blow up the world with strange magic – Integration

20. Blow up the world with strange magic – Immersion

21. Blow up the world with strange magic – Assimilation

22. I’m a crepe. I’m a weird dough / What the hell am I doing here?

23. Beelzebub has a telephone inside for me

24. Tell the devil you can freeze hell

25. Sweet Jesus Man of the Year / Who am I to disagree?

26. I’d much rather be a reverend in blue jeans

27. I’d kill him in the Bible, and raise the rent

28. I have finally found a place to live / In the penance of the Lord




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