I’m Mike Ellsworth, long time writer, first-time novelist.

I’ve been writing since third grade, and have written seven non-fiction books about social media and social selling. Although this is my first novel, I’ve had a long award-winning career writing software manuals, white papers, poetry, articles for national technology magazines, and blog posts about social media and technology. Back when I thought I’d be a poet, I created and ran Plainspeak poetry magazine in Denver and was a student of Allen Ginsberg. I’ve been at work, on and off, on Misheard Lyrics since 1989, but seriously since early 2016, when I decided to take the advice I gave a buddy who is also a writer: Write every day, for a least a half an hour. You’ve got the time.

Misheard Lyrics is now available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle!

I appreciate any comments you’d like to make in the Contact Us section.

Mike Ellsworth