Funny Misheard Lyrics

Some of My Favorite Misheard Lyrics

Add your own favorite mondegreens (misheard lyrics) in the comments section and I’ll post them (with or without attribution; you specify).

Two chickens to paralyze, pack your bags, we’ll leave tonight—Eddie Money

Man it’s a hot one Like seven midgets in the midday sun—Santana

Well, since she put me down
There’ve been owls pukin’ in my bed.—The Beach Boys via Dave Barry

I don’t wanna cause no fuss (To munch a magic butt) But can I bite your magic butt? (No!)—The Who

Might as well face it, you’re a dick with a glove.—Robert Palmer

Oh, we are sailing/Yes, give Jesus pantsJohn Lennon

She was a gay stripper—The Beatles

Jesus Christ Superstar/Show me frilly knickers and a see-through bra

My name is Drew—Elvis Costello

Well, since she put me down/There’ve been owls pukin’ in my bed—The Beach Boys

I’m the god of Velveeta, honey—Iron Butterfly

My Anus is the Center HoleJ. Geils Band 

You’ve been outright offensive for so long now—The Eagles

It’s my party/And I’ll cry “Papa haunts you”—Leslie Gore

She’s some kind of demon/Does she live mortal?—Cream

Back at the Roadhouse, I got someone to love—The Doors

For more, see Runt. And also Imgflip. And this video. Of course, Imgur. HuffPo even gets into the act. Some more contemporary lyrics from Popbuzz. And Smoothradio.  And especially Misheard Lyrics Illustrated!

Fan Contributions

Bringing in the Cheese—Knowles Shaw Contributed by Kathy P.

Night and day, under the hide-a-bed—Cole Porter Contributed by Mary Ann B.

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  1. A commonly misheard lyric was Crosby Stills and Nash’s “Chestnut-brown canary, ruby-throated sparrow,” although I no longer remember what people thought it was before they learned the real words.

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